4 Ways to Save Money on Home Staging Furniture

Home staging is one of the surefire ways to either sell your furniture, rent a space, or sell your home. It is simply decorating your home to look visually appealing by arranging furniture and adding home decors.

This can be done if you are planning to sell either your home or some of the furniture during the process. Whether any of the reasons above to apply to you or not, home staging has many benefits. According to JMD Furniture, there some advantages in staging your home for your potential buyers:

Benefits of Home Staging


1. Adds value to what you are offering

Whether you plan to put some items or even your whole house on the market, making them visually appealing helps it to get noticed in classifieds and websites. When something is well-maintained there’s a less chance that potential buyers will bid for a lower price.

2. Impress your prospects

Attractive images can be appealing, but it’s also a different experience when buyers get to visit your site. When your home is properly staged, there are more chances that your prospects will have an idea about how to make the space or furniture look attractive. Therefore, this will increase their chance of purchasing.

3. Create a pleasing living space

Aside from attracting customers, home staging will also give you personal benefits. If you are used to having a disorganized home, having your home staged will make you feel calm and organized. There’s proven research that shows that having a pleasant living space reduces stress and helps in productivity.

In reality, you don’t have to spend much in staging your home. In this post, we will look into 4 ways on how to save money when home staging your furniture.

4 Ways to Save Money on Home Staging Furniture


1. Use stock home decors

If you have old home decors collecting dust in your attic, maybe it is time to bring them down! Stage your every part of your room with a theme in mind, and recycle old decors that can match your theme. These can include vases, frames, mirrors, paintings and other unused stocked items which can help improve the appearance of your home.

If these stock decors aren’t available to you, you can always find cheap but nice additions in stores such as Home Goods and Michael’s.

2. Find inspiration online and in magazines

Websites like Pinterest and Traditional Home are resources about interior design. They feature the latest trends on how to furnish your home nicely. They also offer feature articles on how to spend less on decorations, finding furniture bargains, and DIY tutorials to make the perfect pieces.

You can use terms such as “budget home staging”, or “home staging ideas” to help you get started. You don’t have to follow exactly what is shown in each photo, as inspiration is only what is needed. Get ideas on what seems useful to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

3. Have DIY repairs

Another way to save is through doing your own repairs. If you are a natural-born handyman, perhaps a little tinkering here and there can help solve minor problems. A loose nail, dented table leg, or a ripped cover can be fixed using simple DIY techniques.

The internet is a good source of simple how-to-dos for fixing and recycling furniture at home. For example, there are ways to recreate a shelf into a small indoor bench! You can find many creative ways you can find online. Additionally, there are guides to help you pick the best paint or varnishing for your furniture. Note that there are different kinds of paint depending on the material. As a general rule, acrylic paint goes well with wooden goods, and enamel would be more suitable for glass and metal items.

4. Look for furniture clearance sales and discounts

If you prefer to have new furniture sets instead of your old ones, the best prices can be found in furniture clearance sales. JMD Furniture suggests looking into promo catalogs, online advertisements, and discount sites to help you find your perfect home staging items.

Go to first days of sale to get the best items for a discounted price. Also, make sure that your products are free from damages, as some items for sale may be discounted due to a broken leg, chipped paint, or anything else for that matter.

Home staging is achievable and affordable by following these simple steps. Make sure to plan your home staging by identifying which rooms you want to include and the improvements you plan to make. Set a to-do list that’s divided on things to buy and tasks to do. Also, don’t forget to ask help from friends and family. Professionals can be helpful, but nothing beats labor of love when it comes to home improvements.