TimDeCapuaAbout Tim DeCapua

Potential real estate investors will likely owe Tim DeCapua a debt of gratitude, as the founder of Wealth Building Real Estate has made investing in income-generating properties more accessible and less risky. Through Mr. DeCapua’s real estate firm, investors are able to purchase real estate properties at a wholesale price without having to take on the cost of renovation or having to deal with the uncertainties relating to locating and placing tenants. Wealth Building Real Estate provides a service that is therefore exceptionally beneficial to its clients and occupies a valuable niche in the industry that is surprisingly underserved.

Industry Experience

Tim DeCapua, a real estate professional with several decades of industry experience, is the founder of Wealth Building Real Estate. Before his entrepreneurial spirit led him to create a real estate firm of his own, Mr. DeCapua represented buyers and sellers in real estate transactions as an agent. Through his years of experience in the field, Mr. DeCapua encountered clients with a broad range of real estate goals. Mr. DeCapua came to understand that the clients who saw real estate as an investment opportunity were often interested in renovating distressed properties but hesitant to take on the risk involved in such a project. This led to a realization on Mr. DeCapua’s part, as he believed that his knowledge and experience in the industry placed him in a unique position.

Client Focus

Clients recognized that many distressed properties were frequently undervalued, but those same clients also had legitimate concerns over the potential costs of a renovation project and the fact that the process leading to a return on investment could be a lengthy one. Many of the more risk-averse investors passed on making what could be exceptionally profitable investments for this reason, so Mr. DeCapua realized that he could use his knowledge and expertise to reduce the investment risk and accelerate the process of generating the return on investment.

Wealth Building Real Estate Company

Wealth Building Real Estate now purchases investment properties and then takes on the risk relating to the renovation process. Once the renovations are complete, Mr. DeCapua and his firm take the step of identifying and placing the ideal tenants for the property and even assigns a professional property manager. The property is then sold wholesale to an investor, who is therefore able to see an immediate return on the investment due to the fact that the property is already generating income from the first day of the transaction.