4 Ways to Save Money on Home Staging Furniture

Home staging is one of the surefire ways to either sell your furniture, rent a space, or sell your home. It is simply decorating your home to look visually appealing by arranging furniture and adding home decors.

This can be done if you are planning to sell either your home or some of the furniture during the process. Whether any of the reasons above to apply to you or not, home staging has many benefits. According to JMD Furniture, there some advantages in staging your home for your potential buyers:

Benefits of Home Staging


1. Adds value to what you are offering

Whether you plan to put some items or even your whole house on the market, making them visually appealing helps it to get noticed in classifieds and websites. When something is well-maintained there’s a less chance that potential buyers will bid for a lower price.

2. Impress your prospects

Attractive images can be appealing, but it’s also a different experience when buyers get to visit your site. When your home is properly staged, there are more chances that your prospects will have an idea about how to make the space or furniture look attractive. Therefore, this will increase their chance of purchasing.

3. Create a pleasing living space

Aside from attracting customers, home staging will also give you personal benefits. If you are used to having a disorganized home, having your home staged will make you feel calm and organized. There’s proven research that shows that having a pleasant living space reduces stress and helps in productivity.

In reality, you don’t have to spend much in staging your home. In this post, we will look into 4 ways on how to save money when home staging your furniture.

4 Ways to Save Money on Home Staging Furniture


1. Use stock home decors

If you have old home decors collecting dust in your attic, maybe it is time to bring them down! Stage your every part of your room with a theme in mind, and recycle old decors that can match your theme. These can include vases, frames, mirrors, paintings and other unused stocked items which can help improve the appearance of your home.

If these stock decors aren’t available to you, you can always find cheap but nice additions in stores such as Home Goods and Michael’s.

2. Find inspiration online and in magazines

Websites like Pinterest and Traditional Home are resources about interior design. They feature the latest trends on how to furnish your home nicely. They also offer feature articles on how to spend less on decorations, finding furniture bargains, and DIY tutorials to make the perfect pieces.

You can use terms such as “budget home staging”, or “home staging ideas” to help you get started. You don’t have to follow exactly what is shown in each photo, as inspiration is only what is needed. Get ideas on what seems useful to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

3. Have DIY repairs

Another way to save is through doing your own repairs. If you are a natural-born handyman, perhaps a little tinkering here and there can help solve minor problems. A loose nail, dented table leg, or a ripped cover can be fixed using simple DIY techniques.

The internet is a good source of simple how-to-dos for fixing and recycling furniture at home. For example, there are ways to recreate a shelf into a small indoor bench! You can find many creative ways you can find online. Additionally, there are guides to help you pick the best paint or varnishing for your furniture. Note that there are different kinds of paint depending on the material. As a general rule, acrylic paint goes well with wooden goods, and enamel would be more suitable for glass and metal items.

4. Look for furniture clearance sales and discounts

If you prefer to have new furniture sets instead of your old ones, the best prices can be found in furniture clearance sales. JMD Furniture suggests looking into promo catalogs, online advertisements, and discount sites to help you find your perfect home staging items.

Go to first days of sale to get the best items for a discounted price. Also, make sure that your products are free from damages, as some items for sale may be discounted due to a broken leg, chipped paint, or anything else for that matter.

Home staging is achievable and affordable by following these simple steps. Make sure to plan your home staging by identifying which rooms you want to include and the improvements you plan to make. Set a to-do list that’s divided on things to buy and tasks to do. Also, don’t forget to ask help from friends and family. Professionals can be helpful, but nothing beats labor of love when it comes to home improvements.

5 Advantages Of Real Estate Networking Clubs

Property agents, listing agents, and other real estate marketing players often join networking clubs. Some prefer clubs within their locality while others can pursue meetups that are not necessarily within their area of interest. For newbies and those who are yet to join the buzz, it is always good to know how networking clubs work and if they are good for you.

Organizers of such groups usually join hands to bring a team of motivational speakers, industry experts, volunteers, and mentors. Once they have a full package, they invite members to join, sometimes at a fee. Some do not bother with the process of planning; they go straight into inviting and charging guests. Once they have a requisite subscription base, they will negotiate with speakers and host the seminar. When it is done like that, the benefit is usually zero.

If it is planned and focused on specific challenges that affect real estate within your region, expect to reap the following benefits.

  1. Access to information

These clubs bring together all players within the industry. They include mortgage companies; investment banks such as Tweed Financial Services; construction agents; renovation companies; contractors and many other players within the industry. Speakers focus on the mutual operation between and among industries. They also focus on how each party can help the other.

Various people bring tons of information, usually summarized industry reports and insights wonderful to a discerning seller. You can access significant information that can shape your career positively.

  1. Deal-making and sharing

Real estate projects vary from one to the next regarding players involved, the scope of involvement, and resources required. There are always people looking to complete projects, and once they identify you as a suitable candidate, they may engage you. The trick to clubs is to share your knowledge, expertise, and experiences. You never know who is listening.

Some agents combine selling property with renovation and improvement services, a very wonderful ingredient for home market players. It is possible to get people interested in just renovation but once they know you can renovate and market, they make up their mind to recommend you the job. In some instances, they may request a form of partnership to complete the project.

  1. Sharing experiences and mentorship

Networking is an art of bringing together people who can help each other grow. Without sharing, you cannot possibly get a mentor. Mentorship forms a critical part of success in any career. According to most industry players, mentors get the most credit towards success. The good mentor ought to be within your line of work.

  1. Building referrals and buyer lists

Assuming that you have 100 members in any club, the chances are that one of them is interested, or knows someone who wants something you have in your portfolio. Zillow advices that you have a complete portfolio, website, social media, and an updated resume before you attend any club meeting.

Ensure you have enough business cards, dress professionally, and approach every person courteously. Don’t be afraid to interact and share some of your items in your portfolio. Someone may be having a ready client, and you strike a deal; its better half a loaf today than a full one deferred to an unknown date.

  1. Education

Well established real estate networking clubs feature educational and vocational training including current industry insights and publications. You will get unparalleled knowledge relevant to your daily activities once you find the right group.

Companies such as Tweed Financial Services prefer to work with competent groups to help them grow and learn together. Unless you enroll in a bogus meetup, you will reap significant benefits.

Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Embrace

Today’s article is brought to you by Rusty Tweed.

Marketing in the real estate industry is different from that of other specialties and you might need to be more specific while ending out your campaigns. For results, you need to focus on automating your marketing process and humanizing the business. The market has changed and with technologies like virtual reality, agents in the real estate industry who stick with traditional marketing options might face problems reaching as many buyers as they require. To make the process of marketing easy, you could use these tips to deliver campaigns that are guaranteed to deliver.

Use hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is an application that was launched recently and one that is gaining traction in the real estate industry. The application offers you the time-lapse photography technology and also comes with image stabilization software that essentially gives you quality editing, and all this is for free. You could even create a video showcasing the property and the fact that you are offered image stabilization features it means you could create convincing scripts that will draw many buyers to visit your properties to sample them. The app is especially useful if you use Instagram as one of your marketing channels.

Mobile responsiveness

If you have a website or you send out emails and you have never considered mobile friendliness then you are losing a lot of customers who could have seen your content if you optimized your site. Many people access the internet through their mobile devices and it is highly likely they will prefer reading content that shows clearly on their mobile devices. You only need few tweaks to your site to bring it to the responsiveness required to allow users to use it over mobile devices. The focus is user friendliness as the campaigns are solely focused on getting users to view what you have to offer.

Content marketing and sourcing automation

It could prove challenging to come up with the topics to write about when you want to share content through newsletters. If you lack the energy to write, it is advisable to avoid engaging in any form of writing in the first place, and the best thing you could do is work out a content automation process that will allow you to outsource content. Hiring experts like Rusty Tweed to prepare your content allows you to come up with high quality scripts that many can relate with.

Include Gifs in emails

Basically, Gifs are the soundless graphics that will automatically play through a loop, and they are a great resource for getting a laugh, but most importantly they are these days often used as captions by marketers. Gifs are the perfect choice to show the human side of the business, and they create a connection with the audience, something that makes it easy for them to follow through the rest of the information you have provided through the email. One of the mistakes marketers make is being repetitive and boring, and while choosing how to incorporate marketing content some of them go straight to appealing the audience to buy their products, which might not work.

Highlighting the Contribution of Virtual Reality to The Real Estate Industry

Technology has moved many industries and over the past one decade, many technological systems have been invented, particularly in the real estate industry, which has made different activities easier. Most of these technologies have come out as tools to make work easier for companies in the real estate industry, and those that have already embraced the new systems are seeing improvement in market reception. If you have been looking to understand how you could harness virtual reality to help you make your real estate business better, here are things about the technology that will fascinate you.


Rapid prototyping

As you clearly understand, before embarking on the construction of a project, you need to have a drawing, also referred to as the plan. Initially, companies and professionals used to rely on plans that were drawn manually, and this would mean a lot of time and recourses had to be used, not forgetting the risk of getting a copy that was not entirely accurate. However, with the advent of virtual reality, all these processes are easily handled and you can now design a structure within few hours, achieving high levels of accuracy and saving on the consumption of resources.


Through virtual reality systems like Renders 3D Quick, you are able to take advantage of already designed themes for interior space and landscape areas so your work becomes light and the final product is clean of any errors. In fact, this is a more definite method of developing a plan that is solid and one that is guaranteed to give you easy time while developing the structure.


Virtual walk-through

When displaying your design to potential buyers, you want them to clearly get a feel of what they are about to spend money on. Most people believe that the only way this can be done is by visiting the structure physically, but with virtual reality, they are able to inspect the various parts of the building before deciding to do a visit finally physically. The system also allows one to play around with finishes, which serves to make the buyer feel a sense of ownership and awarded the authority to decide which features to include. Many buyers find this engaging and will want to see the product after the walk-through, so you could easily increase sales when you market through virtual reality.


Plan approval

Before your plan is approved, you need to prove that you have applied the accepted design standards, which is a process that takes time and resources. One of the things you could do to increase the chances of the plan getting an approval is using virtual reality, which allows the inspector to get a clear picture of the different parts of the structure that are going to be made. Additionally, if you are working with a team you will have an easy time explaining to them what your plan says, so virtual reality is a perfect way to ensure your projects proceed seamlessly.

Using a Debt Settlement Company vs Hiring A Lawyer

If you are negotiating debt settlement, you need to look for ways you could do it faster and at a lower cost. There are many options you could choose including hiring a lawyer to intercede during the negotiations. The other option that many people find convenient is working with a debt settlement company.

Depending on your type of credit and amount you want to settle, you will find either of these options viable and useful. You might be wondering why very few people encourage you to do it yourself and the reasons include the lack of experience and skills needed to negotiate a successful deal with your creditors. Negotiating debt settlement is not as easy as many people think, so working with professionals is a good way to minimize risks and increase your chances of achieving your settlement goals.

How debt settlement companies work

Debt settlement companies like Nationwide Debt Direct work through an agreement where you delegate the role of negotiating with creditors to facilitate a bearable settlement process to them, and this is for a small fee that you agree to part with. The biggest benefit you enjoy when you choose a debt settlement company is that you are able to get a better settlement deal than if you choose to pursue the case alone.

These are experts in debt settlement who reach out to creditors then negotiate so you can be given a lower interest rate and a plan that is stress-free. Through the help of a debt settlement company, you can avoid occurrences where you are pushed into signing bankruptcy and they help you to safeguard your credit score. In the long run, you will realize more benefits if you work with a debt settlement company than if you choose to settle the debt yourself.

What about a lawyer?

A lawyer comes in handy during debt settlement negotiations as this is a professional who is able to spot mistakes that very few can see. He helps you where you are unsure about the right action to take by giving you the right information and helping you plan ahead to avoid legal consequences or possibly losses through penalties. A lawyer can help you decide whether it is better to file for bankruptcy or just go for settlement. These are situations you might not handle yourself unless you invite an expert to support you through the process of devising a solution. Additionally, a lawyer can defend you if a lender decides to sue you over the debt.

However, when you opt for a lawyer to settle your debt, you should be careful when choosing one. Just like in many other professions, you will find some lawyers who don’t follow the required ethical conduct and so you might lose your money while pursuing settlement yet receive no meaningful services. It is recommended you use referrals to choose who to work with. Before you go this way, think about what could go wrong and look for alternatives before you commit your money to paying someone to assist you.

Points to Consider When Selecting Real Estate Investment Software

To become successful in real estate, you need to use various tech products. Real estate investor software is enabling realtors to make a fortune from investing in property. One may choose to perform investment and management tasks manually, but this would consume a lot of energy and time. Thanks to technology, programmers can develop software that real estate investors can use for various tasks. These programs increase productivity and help property owners and managers to optimize their profits. Below are a few tips you can use to pick the best real estate investment applications.

Choosing the right software is a daunting task because there are tons of options available in the market. Some cost more than others did, but they’re somewhat affordable. So, you don’t have to worry too much about the pricing. You need to narrow down your options to make the right decision. You must know your needs to pick applications that will meet your investment requirements. Also, you need to have a budget. With a budget, it’s easier to choose a good real estate investment program.

Before settling for any app, it’s advisable to do some online research. Look at reviews to learn about the pros and cons of the software. Most reviews are written by people who’ve tested the effectiveness of a product. You can also use Google or any other search engines to find feedback on a program. Be sure to read the negative and positive feedback. This will help you make a sound decision. Research further to find more details about compatibility, flexibility, customer service, and pricing.

Apart from using the internet for research, it’s recommended that you carry out offline research. Ask for recommendations from your friends and workmates. People who’ve used a product are the best sources of information. They’re likely to give you genuine info that can help you make the best decision.

Look for vendors who offer demo software. Trial versions of applications are great because they allow you to get the firsthand experience. Test the program to see whether it suits your needs. You can also use test management tools to check the efficiency of the software.

Before buying a real estate investment app, it’s important to know the system requirements. Ensure that your PC or laptop is compatible with the program. Buying software that can’t run on your computer is a waste of cash. Although you can get a refund if a program doesn’t work on your computer, it’s better to know the specifications beforehand to avoid the hassle.

As a real estate investor, you must buy software that will benefit you. Look for programs that help you with the essential aspects of your business. Good real estate investment software should help you become more profitable and productive. Additionally, it should be easy to install, use and update.

Upgrades are an essential aspect of applications. Consult the vendor to know if they offer upgrades. Some companies offer free or discounted upgrades while others charge the full price. You’ll save some money if you buy from a company that provides free software updates.

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde – How Is Real Estate Affected By Oil Prices?

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde has written about how oil prices in Mexico and the United States are having an effect on the way real estate is priced in both countries. Each country is fluctuating all the time because of the way the markets work, and this article explains how the markets change in response to one another. Oil prices and real estate prices are quite different, but they are inextricably-linked.

#1: Oil Prices Have Stayed Low

Oil prices have stayed low for quite some time, and most drives have noticed they are spending less on fuel overall. Their fuel costs are remaining low, but the real estate market is seeing extra money come in because consumers have more ash to spend. The United States real estate market recovered at the same time that oil prices dropped. The two were not necessarily connected, but they happened concurrently.

#2: Real Estate In Mexico Was Slow To Recover

Mexico was one of the slowest-recovering countries from the global financial crisis, and their economy has been hit by a loss of oil revenue. The country does not have a middle class large enough to support greater real estate investment, and Mexico is still hoping for a resurgence in their market. The Mexican market may recover when oil prices recover, but they must exist in a recession-free society with higher oil prices.

#3: Will Real Estate Every Come Back Completely?

Real estate prices will recover completely when it has had time to come back from such a drop in prices. The drop in prices is starting to reverse itself, but the markets must be patient. Prices cannot truly recover until they are met with higher oil prices. Higher oil prices force higher volume in trading, and the high oil prices will help bring money in the market for commercial or industrial investment.

#4: Why Is Real Estate Important?

Everyone lives or works in some form of real estate, and the real estate market indicates how well the economy is performing. Someone who is investing in real estate will see higher prices as oil prices recover, but Americans are already enjoying record prices in certain cities.

The price of oil has dropped off so significantly that investors are waiting for the prices to rebound. A rebound of oil prices will bring back higher real estate values, and the two will continue to grow together. The American market is already on the rise, but Mexico may be next.

CreditUpdates.com and ScoreApprove Partner to Create Top-Notch Credit Services for Homebuyers

CreditUpdates.com has partnered with ScoreApprove in an important step in the transformation of the home-shopping process. CreditUpdates.com is a major online report service that provides a comprehensive online product engineered by credit experts. Given the synergistic nature of the two companies, the combination of their products and services create a powerful solution in the home-buying world. This new effort puts the homebuyer at the center and also helps alleviate the serious disconnect in the marketplace between real estate agents, home shoppers, and financing.

Is Multiple-System Connectivity the Next Big Thing in Real Estate?

proposable manhatten real estateEfficiency is big business, and it appears that it may be the factor that will be most responsible for driving the future growth of the real estate industry. One concept in which efficiency has driven innovation throughout a variety of industries relates to the notion of connectivity, which is simply the idea that multiple systems should be integrated in a manner that streamlines operations and enables communication quickly and easily. This is essentially the concept at the core of the success of a company like Proposable.com, which has streamlined the sales proposal process through the use of templates as well as a platform that collects data and encourages communications among multiple parties.

In real estate, connectivity could be utilized in a variety of capacities to save residents more on energy expenditures and to allow property managers to identify and address minor problems before they become major issues requiring extensive time and energy to rectify. Some systems are already being implemented in real estate properties all over the United States, including one that is being utilized across 5.5 million square feet throughout Manhattan. In this particular project, systems relating to buildings, utilities, climate control, security, emergency and lighting can be accessed and managed via mobile platform. This makes it possible for a single building manager to address a host of potential issues from a remote location, which is certainly more convenient for both residents and management alike.

Cutting-Edge Digital Strategies Increasingly Necessary for Real Estate Success

David R Gray Jr Real estate successThe increasingly digitized consumer marketplace has certainly had a significant impact on the world of real estate, and agents who are not taking full advantage of the digital strategies currently at their disposal are doing themselves and their clients a serious disservice. It’s no longer the case that buyers and sellers use digital technology as a complementary part of the real estate process, and David R. Gray Jr. would most likely be among the first to point out that buyers and sellers now utilize digital services throughout every aspect of the real estate transaction process.

For agents, this means that their use of technology must involve the most cutting-edge developments to ensure they keep pace with any new tools and strategies to help them generate continually exceptional outcomes for their clients. There are more technological resources available for use in real estate than ever before, and prospective clients will generally prefer to work with an agent who is able to make use of these resources in a manner that leads to a variety of benefits relating to the real estate transaction.