Is Multiple-System Connectivity the Next Big Thing in Real Estate?

proposable manhatten real estateEfficiency is big business, and it appears that it may be the factor that will be most responsible for driving the future growth of the real estate industry. One concept in which efficiency has driven innovation throughout a variety of industries relates to the notion of connectivity, which is simply the idea that multiple systems should be integrated in a manner that streamlines operations and enables communication quickly and easily. This is essentially the concept at the core of the success of a company like, which has streamlined the sales proposal process through the use of templates as well as a platform that collects data and encourages communications among multiple parties.

In real estate, connectivity could be utilized in a variety of capacities to save residents more on energy expenditures and to allow property managers to identify and address minor problems before they become major issues requiring extensive time and energy to rectify. Some systems are already being implemented in real estate properties all over the United States, including one that is being utilized across 5.5 million square feet throughout Manhattan. In this particular project, systems relating to buildings, utilities, climate control, security, emergency and lighting can be accessed and managed via mobile platform. This makes it possible for a single building manager to address a host of potential issues from a remote location, which is certainly more convenient for both residents and management alike.