Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Embrace

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Marketing in the real estate industry is different from that of other specialties and you might need to be more specific while ending out your campaigns. For results, you need to focus on automating your marketing process and humanizing the business. The market has changed and with technologies like virtual reality, agents in the real estate industry who stick with traditional marketing options might face problems reaching as many buyers as they require. To make the process of marketing easy, you could use these tips to deliver campaigns that are guaranteed to deliver.

Use hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is an application that was launched recently and one that is gaining traction in the real estate industry. The application offers you the time-lapse photography technology and also comes with image stabilization software that essentially gives you quality editing, and all this is for free. You could even create a video showcasing the property and the fact that you are offered image stabilization features it means you could create convincing scripts that will draw many buyers to visit your properties to sample them. The app is especially useful if you use Instagram as one of your marketing channels.

Mobile responsiveness

If you have a website or you send out emails and you have never considered mobile friendliness then you are losing a lot of customers who could have seen your content if you optimized your site. Many people access the internet through their mobile devices and it is highly likely they will prefer reading content that shows clearly on their mobile devices. You only need few tweaks to your site to bring it to the responsiveness required to allow users to use it over mobile devices. The focus is user friendliness as the campaigns are solely focused on getting users to view what you have to offer.

Content marketing and sourcing automation

It could prove challenging to come up with the topics to write about when you want to share content through newsletters. If you lack the energy to write, it is advisable to avoid engaging in any form of writing in the first place, and the best thing you could do is work out a content automation process that will allow you to outsource content. Hiring experts like Rusty Tweed to prepare your content allows you to come up with high quality scripts that many can relate with.

Include Gifs in emails

Basically, Gifs are the soundless graphics that will automatically play through a loop, and they are a great resource for getting a laugh, but most importantly they are these days often used as captions by marketers. Gifs are the perfect choice to show the human side of the business, and they create a connection with the audience, something that makes it easy for them to follow through the rest of the information you have provided through the email. One of the mistakes marketers make is being repetitive and boring, and while choosing how to incorporate marketing content some of them go straight to appealing the audience to buy their products, which might not work.