A Few Tips on Investments

Getting into the investment business is tricky, but possible and can be done typically in one of two most common ways. One of the ways is through saving up and buying an investment property as your first property just like you’d purchase your first house. The second way is by leveraging the value from a property you
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When To Buy And When To Rent

One of the most common questions we field here at Tim DeCapua Real Estate Services concerns whether it is better to buy or rent. The question itself is quite complicated, and it is one that should be addressed only after thoughtful consideration of a number of issues that vary according to each individual. The answer
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Making the Most of Your Mortgage

There are few things more frustrating than looking at your remaining mortgage payments and realizing how long you have until you truly own the home in which you currently reside. While 30-year loans tend to be the standard for a variety of reasons, at Tim DeCapua Real Estate Services we want to make you aware
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Finding a New Home

For homebuyers, the act of finding a new home is one of the most exciting and simultaneously stressful experiences. There are many reasons why you may find yourself looking for a new home, as it may be related to relocating for a new employment opportunity, or it may be the result of a need for
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Location, Location, Location

You have very likely already heard this tried-and-true statement regarding the most important aspect of real estate repeated many times, and there is a reason it is so tried-and-true: Location is the single-biggest determining factor when it comes to the value of a real estate property. Value, however, is relative, and it is important to
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