Your Property Manager is crucial!

The main premise of the word “Turnkey” for real estate investment properties means that everything is already in place, and done for you. Your property manager is the engineer that makes the train run…the oil that makes the engine roar….the straw that stirs the drink! They make sure that your rent is collected in a timely manner. They create and build a strong, positive relationship with tenants. They make sure that repairs are handled properly. They market for, and place qualified tenants. All of these take A LOT of time and energy. But, this kind of effort is the key to an ongoing performance of your asset. Your property manager needs to know your expectations and what you require from them. To properly convey this, constant communication, and clearly defined parameters will ensure your investment is safe and secured. Spending time in building your relationship with your property manager is one of the ways to convey, and communicate your visions, and goals. This time spent will definitely be worth it. Once your visions, goals and expectations are properly defined, your property manager will have a clear picture on what, and where to help for the betterment, and success of your real estate investment property business.   property manager picture